Welcome to Digital Media Graphics!

We are creatives passionate about solving problems and developing strategies that translate visions into reality.

Our story…

Digital Media Graphics, formerly Mixed Media, was founded in 1994 in Pasadena, California as an interactive design studio providing creative services to the interactive CD-ROM industry. After just a few projects, we had our second aha! moment (the first was the 80’s Swedish band with the super-cool animated comic book music video) which was to design the artwork that printed on the CD-ROM, the booklet, the box, the product sheet, the poster, the advertisement, the billboard, the vehicle wrap, and… you get the picture. So just like that we became a full service design studio.

The process was simple. We designed and delivered the digital artwork to our clients who then sent it to printers large and small, near and far, for printing. But in those days most printers relied on service bureaus for pre-press and color separation. As expected, having extra hands in the process often invited confusion which resulted in costly mistakes and in the end, all fingers pointed back to us, the designer. So this is when we had…wait for it…our third aha! moment which was bringing color-separation capabilities in-house and eliminating the headaches of problem files (file formats, font issues, trapping, and good ol’ postscript errors) for our clients. A short time later we also started offering printing; CD and DVD replication and packaging; POP & merchandise sourcing; digital delivery to publications and outdoor media vendors.

Fast forward a decade and even though much has changed, much is the same. These days, in addition to our traditional services, we also build and maintain websites; produce and manage email and social media marketing campaigns; design and build apps which ironically are similar to the interactive CD-ROM projects that got us started at the first place.